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All You Need to Know About Working as a Health and Wellness Coach

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All You Need to Know About Working as a Health and Wellness Coach

The health coaching field is all about providing help to patients or clients in the process of behavior change.  Your role as a Health and Wellness Coach is to assist patients in aspects that doctors and physicians can’t help with. The health coaches use approved and tried strategies such as evidence-based motivational conversations.  Health Coaches establish a relationship with patients that is based on trust.  They provide guidance in goal setting and determination.

As a Health Coach, you should also assist your clients or patients in uncovering their strengths.  Motivating them to commit to the new health changes is crucial for success.  A health coach is able to provide unconditional support and motivation for his/her clients without making judgments. A coach is able to provide guidance to clients in their way of healing and gaining insight.

Why Become a Narrative Health and Wellness Coach?

If you have a passion for helping others, working as a narrative health coach will allow you to assist others with profound healing in mind, body and spirit. With your approved guidance strategies you will assist many people in changing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The strategies and techniques of narrative health coaching will let you be aware of the essential factors that can help the clients in shifting their perspectives.

Narrative coaching can also give you new ways to navigate and work with limiting beliefs. This method of coaching will bring a coach and their patients closer to establish trust.  Narrative health coaches are able to look at the situation of their clients in an in-depth way, which allows both parties to focus on healing instead of the illness. After getting your Health and Wellness Coach Certification, you will be able to touch the lives of many people and help them make profound and sustainable changes. Your work will affect their health and overall lifestyle.

The Perks of Becoming a Narrative Health and Wellness Coach

Working as a health coach is considered a great option for those looking for a successful career shift.  It can also enhance the existing career of natural doctors, chiropractors, massage therapist or acupuncturists. This career path is currently witnessing high demand, and as a Health Coach, offers some nice perks and benefits.  For example, health coaches enjoy convenient and flexible work hours. They get to choose between committing to full or part time coaching practice.  Coaches have also various options on where they can practice.  Some coaches can work in medical centers, while others can provide coaching over the phone. No need to mention that some coaches can practice from home.

What to Expect from Working as a Health and Wellness Coach

When you get a Health Coach Certification, you will be able to offer clients new ways to navigate and work with health issues, such as sleep disorders, anxiety, trauma, and other illnesses.  The benefits of working with a health coach creates greater resiliency for lasting change. You will be responsible for many aspects in the healing process.

  • You work on improving the healing process due to working with the patient on self-awareness.
  • It is true that you do not prescribe medications or write diet plans, but you are able to set some specific goals with the patients and help them reach them.
  • You become involved with your patients in a process of active listening.
  • You utilize your studies in narrative health coaching in providing optimized and personalized care to each and every one of your clients.
  • You will be able to use specific strategies that suit the condition of each client. Typically, every person has his own needs and individual character and the best health coach will be able to cope with all these details and make the most of them.


To select the best institute for your health coach certification, you can try searching online using keywords like – “Health Coach Institute”,” Become A Certified Health Coach”, or “Wellness Coach Certification assistance”.  This will help give you a list of available institutes that meet some of the key requirements necessary to become a certified health coach.

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