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Conversations on the Future of Health Coaching

Upcoming Conversation

Meditation Technology and Integral Life Practice with John Dupuy


John Dupuy is a native of Texas and grew up in Latin America. John is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served in Europe as a military police investigator. John has a Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Modern Languages (German and Spanish) and a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. John is the founder of Integral Recovery, has published various articles on the subject, and in 2013, his book Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction was published by SUNY Press, later to win the 2013 USA Best Book Award.

John is the founder of Integral Recovery, has published various articles on the subject, and in 2013, his book Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction was published by SUNY Press, later to win the 2013 USA Best Book Award.

John coaches individuals suffering from the disease of addiction or depression from his home via Skype; he is an adjunct professor at JFK University, teaching Basic Addiction Studies, and travels nationally and internationally to teach and inspire on the subject of Integral Recovery and brainwave entrainment meditation technology. John has worked in many of the nation’s top therapeutic wilderness programs and helped found Passages to Recovery and Open Sky Wilderness Therapy.

John is a pioneer in using brain entrainment technology clinically for the treatment of addiction, depression, and other mental disorders.

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Past Conversations Include:

October Conversation

Transformational Change Through a Multidimensional Approach with Linda Bark


Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, is founder and president of the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, which is a home for discovery and exploration of a new way of coaching that creates wholeness and benefits the coach, the client, and the world. She has been a coach for 25 years and has been teaching coaching for 20 years. Dr. Bark’s model works effectively in leadership and management arenas, and she trains leaders internationally, especially in India. She is fascinated by how integral coaching principles can change organizational culture and is involved in pilot studies to look at those types of outcomes. The Wisdom of the Whole textbook for her course won first place in professional development by the American Journal of Nursing. Another book she co-authored entitled The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching was published by the American Nursing Association and has set standards internationally for a coaching role in nursing. She has been working on the Leadership Committee of the National Consortium for the Certification of Health and Wellness Coaches since 2010 with other leaders from Duke, Harvard, UMN, and other education centers. After the consortium was incorporated in 2014, she has served on the executive committee.

September Conversation

Using Body Language to Build Deeper Trust and Get More Clients with Dylan Newcomb

How does your body effect the way you interact with clients? With potential clients? In what ways are you able to set positive intentions, just by connecting inside? Dylan Nescomb’s UZAZU method allows you to make distinctions as to how to truly connect with ourselves and with others — through our bodies our breath, and our voice. Join Dylan Newcomb with Dr. Kreisberg as they explore the body language art of UZAZU for a better understanding of the mind-body connection. With these skills coaches are able to better access their ability to attract more client.



Dylan Newcomb is a mind-body-based trainer, researcher and coach who helps conscious entrepreneurs and cultural creatives more deeply clarify and joyfully manifest their life’s purpose & vision by empowering them to tap into the wisdom and power of their own body-mind connection.
Dylan is the founder and director of the UZAZU Mind-Body Method, a powerful, research-based mind-body practice that uses breath, movement and mental imagery to quickly stimulate a balanced spectrum of 8 core mental-emotional-physical states. With a strong emphasis on “practical application,” UZAZU teaches you how to quickly stimulate and experience each of your 8 core positive states AND how to effectively apply the inherent power of each state to more ease-fully thrive in different key life contexts such as productivity, energy optimization, social intelligence, business interactions & presentations, personal visioning and intimate relationship.

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August Conversation

Flower Energetics, Health Coaching and Working With Trauma: A Conversation with Dina Saalisi

Health Coaching, Affirmations and Flower Essence Therapy are integrated within Dina’s method of Flower Energetics. This unique combination provides an effective and proven approach that she skilfully applies in her work with trauma. Join Dina in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg and learn how health coaching supports the healing work of trauma therapy.

Want to find out more?

Dina will be teaching alongside Dr. Joel Kreisberg in our upcomming Integrative Health Coaching Clinic


Dina Saalisi trained as a flower essence practitioner with the Bach Foundation and the Flower Essence Society and holds international certification as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner(BRFP). She is certified in Narrative Health Coaching from Teleosis Institute. By combining these powerful healing modalities, her intention is to inspire others to create deeper self-awareness, reframe challenges and master new skills leading to growth and healing. As well as seeing clients in her private practice, she leads classes and workshops on Flower Energetics and healing trauma.

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July Conversation

Coaching the Inner Family with Margaret Moore, MBA and Reggie Marra MA, PCC

Join Margaret Moore in conversation with Reggie Marra as they explore the benefits of Coaching the Inner Family — the foundation of her 2016 book, Organize Your Emotions, Optimize Your Life. Tune in to learn more about 9 distinct members of your “inner family” and how they influence your life.


MARGARET MOORE, MBA, (aka Coach Meg), is the founder and CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, a School of Coaching for health professionals. Wellcoaches has trained more than 10,000 health professionals as health and wellness coaches in 45 countries. Margaret is on the faculty at Harvard University Extension School, teaching coaching psychology, and co-founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

June Conversation

Advancing the Craft of Health and Wellness Coaching with Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP

Join Michael Arloski in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg as they explore the benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching and its ability to  change the quality of life for those with trauma or illness.


Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP,is a licensed psychologist, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and a Certified Wellness Practitioner. Founder and CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., his company has trained thousands of health and wellness coaches around the world.

Dr. Arloski’s perspective on wellness coaching comes from his pioneering work training wellness and health coaches, authoring the field’s foundational book, Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, 2nd Ed., and serving as an Executive Committee member of The National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches.

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May Conversation

The Enneagram and Coaching with Keijo Halinen M.Sc. in Management, B-Sc. (Econ.), PCC, Integral Master Coach

The Enneagram is a highly sophisticated system of nine personality styles that help us know ourselves and others. Having trained with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Keijo Halinen brings many years of wisdom in his integration of the enneagram in coaching. Listen in on this conversation as Joel and Keijo explore the benefits of using the Enneagram for transformative learning for both client and coach.


Keijo Halinen is an experienced coach for individual leaders, management teams and business teams. He has studied with the following people and organizations: Integral Coaching Canada,Seija Taivainen/Merja Lepistö (Enneagram and What Type of Leader Are You), Dr. Ginger Lapid-Bogda (Coaching with the Enneagram,Consulting with the Enneagram), MLP Oy (DiSC®, Work of Leaders®), Ph.D. Will Schutz’ in (the Human Element), Ph.D., Reverend Charles Palmgren (Creative InterChange), M.A. in Psychology Roger Reid (Social Styles), Ph.D. Paul Hersey (Situational Leadership). He is a senior member in the Enneagram International Business Network.

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April Conversation

Make Peace With Marketing: with Miriam Zacharias

Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, LPSN is on a mission to help health care professionals build wildly successful and joy-filled practices that fulfill their ultimate life’s purpose.

She is the CEO of the Competitive Fitness Group, instructor at leading medical, nutrition, and health coaching institutions and author of The PEACE Process, the ultimate marketing book for holistic health practitioners. Miriam also consults with health industry leaders on her proven methods to attract new clients and patients.

After two decades as a sales and marketing executive in corporate America, Miriam obtained advanced degrees and certifications in holistic nutrition, executive coaching, and sports nutrition, and ran a thriving holistic nutrition practice in southern California.

She is vice president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and board member of the Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition.

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March Conversation

Listening for Transformation: How Stories Heal with David Drake, PhD

Narrative Health Coaching is unique in its ability to help clients transform their Illness Narrative into a Healing Narrative. Join David Drake in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg as they explore the benefits in Narrative Health Coaching and its transformative value to those with trauma or illness.


David Drake, PhD is the founder and Director of the Center for Narrative Coaching & Design. He serves as a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Harvard Medical School. He has worked with over 70 organizations to design innovative change and development programs, including a number of health care institutions and organizations.

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February Conversation

The Physician Development Coach: Coaching Physicians with Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE

“Physician, Reinvent Thyself!” –the title of one of Dr. Gaillour’s publications, speaks directly to her message.Tune in to her conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg and find out how to work with the challenges medical professionals face in clinical practice.


Dr. Gaillour is the Founder and Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute.As an executive coach to physicians, sheworks with physicians who are struggling with the reality of a medical career path or whose leadership energieshave gone flat. Author of“Physician, Reinvent Thyself:A Transition Guide for Physicians Called to Leadership and Non-Clinical Careers,”Dr. Gaillourhelps physicians discover and develop their dormant talents, unique strengths, and long-forgotten dreams, in order to retool their careersor begin new journeys that takes full advantage of the energy and smarts they possess.Dr. Gaillour is board certified in Internal Medicine and spent over 10 years in clinical practice.She received an MBA from the University of Tennessee, and
completed her executive coach training through the Academy for Coach Training and the Graduate School of Corporate Coaching.

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January Conversation

Medical Coaching: Changing the Way We Define Sickness, Healing, and Medicine with Shiri Ben-Arzi

Medical coaching is unique in its ability to help clients cope with trauma, illness or injury while continuing conventional medical care.  Join Shiri Ben Arzi in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg as they explore the way medical coaching broadens the experience of illness and treatment to include meaning and self-fulfilment.


Shiri is a Medical Coach, Coaching supervisor, workshop facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, TLT Master Practitioner and international lecturer. She is the Founder and co-CEO of MCI – Medical Coaching Institute and is a Medical Coaching Master Trainer. Although diagnosed with a rare chronic illness in 1999, and told she had a low chance of survival, her personal and professional achievements until now are proof that there is always a choice – for the patient, the medical team and everyone surrounding them. MCI’s vision is to facilitate this change in the medical system through coaching and teaching relevant aspects of healing and empowerment.

December Conversation

No Bridge Too Far: What Patients Wish Their Caregivers Knew with Joanna Burgess, BSN, RN, CWOCN

A Narrative Health Coach works as a bridge between where a client or patient is and where he or she would like to be. Because of her depth of experience as both patient and practitioner, Joanna Burgess has worked for years as a bridge between the worlds of patients and those of the medical and scientific communities. Join Joanna in her deeply personal and powerful conversation with Reggie Marra.


Joanna Burgess, BSN, RN, CWOCN embraces a continually diversifying career, ranging from pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center to enjoying a private practice in the holistic modalities of massage and healing touch therapy, to establishing a clinic for the treatment of lymphedema in Chapel Hill, NC, to working with geriatrics at WakeMed in Cary, NC as a wound and ostomy nurse. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1965 and despite grueling medical treatments throughout her growing years, Joanna always knew she wanted to be a nurse and give back to patients in a kind and gentle way. She was honored to be the national recipient of the Great Comebacks Award in 2011. This program recognizes individuals who have overcome bowel or bladder disease resulting in ostomy surgery, and who have been inspirational both in their personal lives and in what they have given to their communities. Joanna has shared her story on state, national and international levels.

November Conversation

Becoming a Behavioral Change Specialist: The Clinical Health Coach® Model with William K. Appelgate, PhD, CPC

Clinical Health Coaching has emerged as one of the most successful change models in healthcare today. Based on four breakthrough ideas: patients are an underutilized resource, most healthcare occurs outside the providers office, most care is self-care and patients can be a become accountable, Clinical Health Coaching has a proven track record in effectively partnering with patients to achieve lasting health outcomes. Join Dr. Appelgate in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg.


Dr. Appelgate is currently serves as Executive Director of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium and President/CEO of the Clinical Health Coach® which has trained more than 2,500 health coaches in 43 states. His previous professional work has included service as a director of a university research center, a college foundation director, a community college president, a C.E.O. of two comprehensive and innovative, healthcare organizations, in Wisconsin and Iowa. For 10 years he served as a faculty member and Vice President of Des Moines University and founded the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium and the Clinical Health Coach® trainings.

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October Conversation

Body-Centered Coaching: Enhancing the Mind’s Decisions with the Body’s Wisdom with Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, PCC, CBCC

Know anything about Body-Centered Coaching?  Join Pat Hinton Walker in her conversation with Reggie Marra as they explore how to the story of your body provides a powerful tool for enhancing client healing.


Patricia    Hinton  Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, PCC, CBCC is an accomplished coach and ICF Coach Trainer at MentorCoach LLC, Bethesda, MD.      She provides leadership for the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification program at MentorCoach which is an ICF, ACTP program.     Pat  is one of the few approved, certified Body-Centered Coach Trainers who integrates this content into health and wellness coaching.

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September Conversation

Mindfulness and Coaching: Leveraging Emerging Neuroscience to Create Change with Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD

Ready to learn new information about using Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Coaching together to create lasting change and wellness? Find out more as we speak with Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD.


Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD is the Director of Vanderbilt Health Coaching: Research, Practice & Education through the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Ruth is also an Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a secondary appointment in Psychiatry at Vanderbilt School of Medicine. She is a clinical health psychologist with 22 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating behavior change programs for medical patients and those at risk for chronic disease.

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August Conversation

Reframing Illness: The Power of Language in Healing with Stephanie Weaver, MPH, CWHC

Stephanie Weaver has a powerful message to teach us. Join Stephanie in a wide-ranging conversation with Reggie Marra exploring the significance of deliberate word choice in healing and wellness.


Stephanie has reframed her own health through diet and lifestyle change eight times, and has dealt with illnesses ranging from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to spinal fusion surgery. She deals with the issue of language in her latest book, The Migraine Relief Plan, and while migraine headaches are the focus of her book, her work framing lifestyle change is applicable to anyone dealing with illness.

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July Conversation

Deepening the Commitment: Integrative Health Coaching and Personal Growth with Karen Lawson

Karen Lawson has a great conversation with Joel about supporting personal growth with Integrative Health Coaching.


Karen Lawson, MD, ABIHM, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota’s Family Medicine and Community Health, is Director of Integrative Health Coaching at the Center for Spirituality and Healing ( She is a physician, board-certified in both Family Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She was the 2003/5 President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a founding Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Non-medical trainings have included mind-body techniques (e.g. MBSR), yoga, dance/movement therapies, nutrition, homeopathy, and a 20-year study of shamanic practices. Dr. Lawson is active in undergraduate and graduate medical education; teaches in the Center’s graduate courses; and founded and directs the MA and graduate certificate programs in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Karen is a co-founder and executive leader of the National Team for Standards, Certification & Research for Professional Health & Wellness Coaches (

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June Conversation

Why Motivational Interviewing: A Conversation with Jody Hereford

Join Jody Hereford and Dr. Joel Kreisberg for a fascinating conversation on furthering the understanding of Motivational Interviewing and how it can effect change when combined with Health Coaching.


Jody found her passion when first introduced to health coaching and has deepened that passion through the practice of Motivational Interviewing. She’s been fortunate to learn and practice her passion within many roles and organizations. She is the Principal of Hereford Consulting Group. www.jodyhereford.comJody Hereford is a Registered Nurse, exercise physiologist and coach with a passion for creating health and care in individual lives, and within organizations and populations.

Jody is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and a Past President and Master Fellow of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). In her free time, Jody can be found exploring and enjoying the Colorado high country with her Golden Retriever Therapy Dog, Pearl.

May Conversation

Who’s Stopping You? (It’s an Inside Job) with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW

Based on the working title of her forthcoming book, Who’s Stopping You? – How Your Hidden Inner Selves Hijack Happiness and Sabotage Success – and How to Transform Them into Powerful Allies, in this conversation Bridgit focuses on those of us who work hard toward a goal and find ourselves inexplicitly stuck with the finish line in sight – what she likes to refer to as the final one-eighth of our journey. The first seven-eighths include everything that brought us to this moment of stuckness.

Tune into Bridgit’s passionate expertise on our relationships with our hidden inner selves!


Bridgit  Dengel Gaspard is the founder of the New York City Inner Voice Dialogue Center and a Senior Practitioner and Professional Trainer of Voice Dialogue. She has presented to the Omega Institute, New York Open Center, NYU Behavioral Health Center, the NASW’s ‘Addiction Institute’ as well as ‘Social Work and the City: Building A Progressive Agenda and Striving for A Better Life for All New Yorkers,’ Columbia University School of Social Work Alumni Association and the NYC Chapter of the International Coach Federation. Bridgit has published numerous articles and specializes in creativity blocks and life transitions, in particular moving to the next level of success. Toward that end she is expanding her chapter in The Voice Dialogue Anthology into a book that focuses on people who work hard toward a goal and find themselves inexplicably (and intransigently) stuck in sight of the finish line. It’s currently titled, Who’s Stopping You? How Your Hidden Inner Selves Hijack Happiness and Sabotage Success—and How to Transform Them into Powerful Allies.

April Conversation

Under the Covers: Capitalism, Conscious Healing and Masculinity with Kent Frazier

Cov·er /ˈkəvər/
1. a thing that lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it.
2. physical shelter or protection sought by people in danger.

Under the Covers was born when Kent Frazier realized that the tune he’d been carrying for so long – his way of approaching music and life as “The Way of the Celebrated Cover Guy” – was no longer acceptable.  

 It is an intimate conversation with the self, a conversation about getting real and finding one’s own voice, and sharing it unabashedly from the heart. It is a conversation that unfolds when a man has the courage to really look at what’s hidden beneath the layers he’s wrapped around himself in order to feel safe – to fully open his heart to the audience members who sit as witness, watching him stand in his own spotlight.

In Kent’s own words: “…my life as a musician playing other people’s music, my life as a leader evangelizing other people’s material, and my life in general wanting and needing the applause and approval of others to feel like I am enough no longer sounded good to me, and needed to be set free.” 

Under the Covers extends the unnerving yet provocative invitation to men to find their precious notes, attempt to sing the song they’ve been avoiding, and uncover the essence of unnecessary suffering. In doing so, every man can begin to nurture “his self” with loving kindness, reveal his true nature and offer it to others as his own verse in the universal song of Life.


Kent Frazier is a dedicated practitioner of personal, professional, organizational, cultural, and societal transformation with a fierce determination to make the world a better place for all living beings (while having fun and adventure along the way). With this intention, Kent recently resigned as head of HR from LRW so that he can share his unique set of experiences and perspectives with a broader audience to have greater impact.

March Conversation

Using Coaching at End of Life: A Conversation with Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC

Interview with Lois MacNaughton, BA, PCC

End-of-Life Coaching is a process of being with people who are dying and those who are grieving.  This process recognizes the person who is dying or who is grieving as the expert of his/her life.  An End-of-Life Coach is responsible for creating a ‘safe place’ in which the person feels free to share without self-censorship. The End-of-Life Coach asks powerful questions: questions that are born out of the coach’s deep listening.  These questions invite the person to look within to find the answers that are already there yet have gone unacknowledged.  The coach affirms the normalcy of the process of dying and the process of grieving. This particular form of being with another offers a person someone to walk alongside them without offering advice, fixing them, or assuming to know what is right for them. End-of-Life Coaching honors the person’s wisdom and explores ways for them to live from it.  Transformation occurs when the person is seen and heard in this deep way.


Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC is the founder of Coaching at End of Life, LLC, providing end of life training, resources, and coach certification. He is a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, and in addition to doing end-of-life coaching and leading grief support groups, he serves as a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator for a hospice in Pennsylvania. Don is author of the book, Coach Yourself Through Grief. Other publications include the eBook, “Life Lessons from Dragonflies: Helping Us Face the Inevitable End of Life Issues,” and the textbook, Coaching at End of Life: A Coach Approach to Minist

February Conversation

Coaching and Healing:
A Conversation with the Authors

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

In what ways can we be in greater service to the relief of suffering? What practices might we engage to best serve clients who are working with issues that require healing? How can we move from an illness to a healing perspective? The authors, all certified Integral Master Coaches™ are engaged in a journey to better understand and practice healing that embraces both inner and outer resources, emphasizing the salutogenic (health-creating) approach. An essential aspect of the group’s collective process is the cultivation of healing narratives that highlight the unique resources available to everyone who is engaged in the healing process. Reggie Marra interviews his coauthors as they explore the connection between Coaching and Healing and lead us on an informative, insightful and enlightening journey into the nature of healing and our own person healing narratives.


Coaching and Healing is the product of a group of 10 Integral Master Coaches™ from across North America who share a desire to explore the role that coaching can play in healing. They seek to deepen, strengthen and hone the natural connection between coaching and healing in their lives and coaching practices while providing physicians, healthcare practitioners and their patients with an intimate understanding of the powerful tool coaching is  in supporting treatment and helping to chart a healing path through illness. The Authors of Coaching and Healing offer this work as testament to the spark of transformation that resides within each individual.

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January Conversation

Coaching Chronic Pain:
A Conversation with Shelly Jackson, ACC

Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

More and more we are learning to manage our chronic pain with less medication. Shelly Jackson will share her experience coaching people with chronic pain in a conversation with Dr. Kreisberg and the coaching community. Shelly is on a mission to bring together healers and those suffering with chronic pain. She is working to introduce health coaching as an important healing modality for individuals whose chronic pain has not been addressed through mainstream methods.


Shelly Jackson Buffington is a certified professional coach, specializing in using mindful pain management to support people living with pain and illness.  She’s lived with chronic pain for over a decade due to a debilitating spinal injury and congenital bilateral hip dysplasia. Shelly’s also the host of  the popular show, Painiac the Podcast for Mindful Pain Management. Learn more about Shelly’s work at

December Conversation

Poetry, Motion and the Art of Noticing:
A Conversation with Janet E. Aalfs

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

The place of deepening – where we must keep going to discover the next silence and word, the next still-point and gesture – forms the core of the poem, of the dance. The act of noticing with all of our senses, our whole heart-mind, body, and spirit, creates an open path for clear words and motion to arise, create momentum, and transform. Through movement meditation, spoken word, writing, and sharing our work, we encourage deepening into the next level of healing practice, and of freedom. As Toni Morrison has said, “The function of freedom is to free somebody else.” Any creative spark with which one takes the positive risk to become more free is truly a gift.


Janet E. Aalfs, poet laureate emeritus of Northampton, MA (2003-2005), a Jian Mei branch chief instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong, a 7th degree black belt in Shuri-ryu Karate, and a 6th degree black belt in Arnis Filipino Stick Arts, has been sharing her poetic movement weavings locally, nationally, and internationally for almost 40 years.

Founder and director of Lotus Peace Arts at Valley Women’s Martial Arts, a non-profit community school since 1977, Janet is dedicated to helping create sites for revelation, creative understanding, and healing. She enjoys the ongoing process of learning through cultural exchange, and the “You-I-We” of this collaborative work. In 2013, Janet was inducted into the International Modern Arnis Black Belt Hall of Fame and received a Pioneer Award.

Recipient of the 2013 Leadership and Advocacy in the Arts Award from the Center for Women and Community, UMass/Amherst, the 2016 National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Founders Award, and prizes for her poetry, Janet practices peace-building through arts activism in an everyday way. She has been a Dodge Festival Poet and presenter/performer at numerous events and conferences. Her poetry is widely published in journals and anthologies, and her most recent book is Bird of a Thousand Eyes, from Levellers Press

November Conversation

Health Coaching and Functional Medicine:
A Conversation with Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph D

Interviewed by  Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Join us in a lively introduction to Functional Medicine Health Coaching.  Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD, the CEO and Program Director of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, discusses with Dr. Kreisberg the emerging working relationship between health coaches and Functional Medicine practitioners.  Learn how Dr. Scheinbaum integrates the principles of Functional Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, nutrition, positive psychology as part of her comprehensive training program.


Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum is the founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a program established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine.  An Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and licensed clinical psychologist with a Masters degree in learning disabilities, Dr. Scheinbaum has specialized in blending mind-body medicine with positive psychology and taught stress management to both children and adults for over 40 years. She established a clinic for diagnosing and treating attention deficit disorders and also ran a clinic for treating panic and anxiety.  Dr. Scheinbaum is a board-certified senior fellow in biofeedback, certified health coach and registered yoga instructor She taught graduate level courses in the psychology of eating, mind-body medicine, and the psychology of well-being.  Dr. Scheinbaum is the author of Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps and How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks, and conducted one of the first controlled studies of neurofeedback for the treatment of ADD

Leslie Nipps

Heart Based Business Transformation

Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

In Leslie’s search for guidance when she founded her change work practice in 2008, she discovered a dizzying array of business growth offerings. As useful as many of them were, they were often poor matches for her as someone who wanted to build a successful business while maintaining deep integrity. Seeking to find “a better way,” she developed a method for working through business challenges while maintaining integrity. The result is her training approach for new and struggling practitioners to learn what they need to know about business, and be successful and joyful in their practice, so they can bring their good work to clients whom they want to serve. For more information about her
Leslie Nipps has been supporting people through deep transformation for over twenty years, first as an ordained Episcopal priest (ordained in 1994), and as a Masters certified NLP and Family Constellations practitioner. She has a private healing, coaching and training practice in Oakland, CA. She’s trained with leaders in many fields, including Bert & Sophie Hellinger, founders of Family Constellation work, and Carol Erickson, daughter of Milton Erickson. Most of her business knowledge comes from working for many  years with coaches at Heart of Business, especially its founder Mark Silver.

Jay Stearns, Th.M.

Embodied Spirituality and the Continuum of Addiction

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

We tend to know more than we can live – and if we could fully embody and live all that we know, our lives might be healthier, more peaceful and more fruitful. Listen in to Jay Stearns and Teleosis Creative Director, Reggie Marra, as they explore what we (think we) know, what we embody and live, and what we do in order to escape from discomfort in our lives. Jay believes that he receives more from the people with addictions with whom he works than he is able to give them, that each of us holds a place along a continuum of addiction, and that we are more or less healthy and fortunate according to the content and intensity of our particular place thereon, and our ability to embody and live fully into what we know.


Jay Stearns, Th.M. Jay calls forth our poetic imagination through his use of poetry in his practice as a personal and group consultant, and workshop and seminar leader. He serves as Director of Spiritual Care at the Pathways Treatment Center for Addictions in Annapolis, Maryland, and is a co-founder of the Creative Conversations organization that brought David Whyte, Angeles Arrien, Danna Faulds and Mark Nepo to the Annapolis area in recent years. Because he loves exploring the endless possibilities for participating in relationships with nature, Native American wisdom and the traditions of nature-based spirituality have become his primary teachers.

Nicole Hodson

Health Coaching and Nutrition Professionals, Partnering for a Better Future.

Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Since health coaches work with diet and nutrition, we’ve asked Nicole Hodson, the Executive Director of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals to discuss the role of nutrition professionals in the growing health and wellness perspectives in modern health care. Nicole will share topics including the difference between a Natural Chef and a Nutritional Consultant, the educational requirements to become a Nutritional Consultant, the role of certification in the holistic nutrition industry, and how nutritional professionals serve as a key resource for health coaches and health professionals in general. Join Teleosis’ Joel Kreisberg in this conversation with Nicole Hodson.


Nicole Hodson is a Nutrition Consultant graduate of Bauman College, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, and the Executive Director of the NANP. After healing herself and her husband from several chronic health conditions through whole foods nutrition, Nicole left the managed “healthcare” industry to pursue a career where she could affect more positive change. She has been with the NANP since 2007. Her passion for the industry is infectious, and she has made it her life’s mission to promote whole foods nutrition and those who teach it, in every way possible.

Nicole is wholly dedicated to putting holistic nutrition professionals to work, and to protecting their right to practice. Nicole is grateful to have found a career where she can meld her fifteen years of experience in the managed care arena with her education and enthusiasm for the holistic approach to health and wellness. She is a freelance nutrition writer, and dedicated ‘foodie’ who loves living in the Salinas Valley, also known as “the salad bowl.”

Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria

PEACE WITHIN: Clear your mind, open your heart, embrace your soul and heal your life

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

Michael wants to move the ongoing conversation from mind-body-soul-spirit to intentionally name the role of heart as the central missing dynamic in our human experience and current cultural struggles.  By returning to the centrality of living from and through the heart, we can experience the true nature of reality that is grounded in flow, process, and a deep interconnectedness among all phenomena.

Thought, particularly in our western, English-language system, is based on a metaphysics of logos (rational, strategic, analytic) that separates and abstracts the world into objects to be used or manipulated.  The feeling dimension flows like music and water – and is more in alignment with the new emerging paradigm, from quantum physics to depth psychology, that is more in touch with what we experience when we quiet the mind, open the heart and drop into the timeless now.  Michael’s newest book explores this truth using examples from his own journey from suicidal despair to becoming a multi-Grammy nominated musician and yoga/meditation teacher, as well as examples from his over 30 years as an integrative psychologist, author, expressive therapist and guide of the soul.”


For over 30 years Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria has been guiding others on their life journeys. As an author, yoga/meditation instructor, and 4-time Grammy® nominated recording artist he brings an integrative, holistic approach to helping the whole person throughout the life journey.   Michael is known for combining eastern, western and indigenous approaches in his healing work  bridging the worlds of depth psychology, mindfulness practice and expressive arts in a unique, dynamic and accessible way.   

In his latest book, Peace Within, he discusses his journey through his own dark night of the soul, which inspired him to write this companionable workbook for integrative wellness.  The book is also the basis for his new training program  Peace Within: Process for Integrative Wellness.

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, ACC

Why Narrative Health Coaching? Why Now?
The power of upgrading your story

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

Join Dr. Joel Kreisberg in a conversation about Narrative Healing and how you can apply it to your everday life and/or coaching practice. Narrative healing invites us to ask, what’s really happening right now – what’s true in this moment? and then provides space to interpret this ‘truth,’ telling our story in a way that supports and nurtures us. This healing interpretation differs significantly from the conventional Western medicine concept of curing — when something is wrong we want it to be right again – to be fixed, gone, cured.   Narrative healing embraces what Aaron Antonovsky calls a “sense of coherence” about our situation, where coherence includes the extent to which we feel we can comprehend, manage and find meaning in what we face.


Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, ACC, received his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, a Masters of Arts from Prescott College, AZ, and a Bachelors of Arts from Wesleyan University, CT. He is an Integral Master Coach ™ through Integral Coaching Canada Inc. “My commitment is help you recognize the potential for healing in our everyday aches and pains. By listening to your body, your feelings, and the power of nature, healing can be mastered naturally and powerfully. My passion for natural healing and healthy living supports this simplicity and allows for the flourishing of body, mind and soul.”

Karen Wyatt, MD

The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path

Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Join physician Karen Wyatt in a conversation about the Wisdom Path- a transformational program based on the lessons learned through Dr. Wyatt’s experiences with end-of –life patients. We will discuss Dr. Wyatt’s teachings including how to use her 7 lessons model in your professional practice as well as ways in which to utilize her teachings for personal growth and development.


Dr. Karen Wyatt is the author of the book What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Livingfrom the Stories of the Dying, which contains stories of patients she cared for as a hospicedoctor and the spiritual lessons she learned from them at the end of their lives.Dr. Wyatt also hosts End-of-Life University, an online interview series that featuresconversations with experts who work in all aspects of end-of-life care. She is widelyregarded as a thought-leader in the effort to transform the way we care for our dying inthe U.S. In addition, she is valued for her application of spiritual principles to illness andhealthcare and teaches that in order to live life fully we must each overcome our fear ofdeath and embrace the difficulties that life brings us

Tom Janisse, MD, MBA

Narrative Healing & Poetry

With Gary Huffaker, MD & Reggie Marra, MA

Join board member Gary Huffaker and poet Reggie Marra, as they explore narrative healing with special guest physician Tom Janisse. Dr. Janisse will present original work for interpretation and conversation in this unique opportunity to listen and learn. Following a series of readings and discussions, participants will join the call with question and answer about the use of poetry and narrative in healing.


Tom Janisse, MD, MBA, is the founding editor-in-chief of The Permanente Journal – an international PubMed-indexed, medical and social science journal, in which is embedded a literary and arts journal, leaflet. He is also a publisher of Soul of the Healer: Art & Stories, and the forthcoming Narrative Medicine Anthology, both from The Permanente Press. During his nine years as associate medical director of Northwest Permanente Medical Group in Portland, Oregon, he conducted relationship research with physicians with the highest patient satisfaction. He sponsors Narrative Medicine writing workshops for doctors and health professionals and publishes their Quick Writes, and co-sponsors the annual Taos Writing Retreat for Health Professionals.

Helayne Waldman, EdD

The Transition from Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor

 Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Have you successfully “beaten” cancer in your life? Do you know someone or are you with someone who has? Good chance you have. Cancer survivors are expected to return to their “normal” life without much thought by the medical system that geared up to beat the illness. With 10 million survivors in the US and growing, Helayne Waldman, author of Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors is implementing a program that works with each person to help them move into the next phase of their cancer journey: Survivorship, as originally proposed by the Nat’l Institutes of Medicine in 2006.

Thank you for all that you do to make this world a healthier and more educated one. Your webinars and websites are so informative! I send much appreciation for all of your helpful and encouraging contributions in the health field.” – Beverly S.

In this Vital Conversation Helayne will tell us about her new program Renew: Care and Support for Cancer Survivors, that offers a complete approach- summarizing information critical to the individual’s long-term care, including remediating short and long term treatment side effects and developing proactive, productive strategies in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle. As a specialist in oncology nutrition Helayne will focus on recurrence prevention, addressing both fundamental topics such as hydration, physical activity and stress management as well as specific nutritional strategies designed to create an anti-cancer lifestyle.


Dr. Helayne Waldman, EdD, CNE is passionate about empowering cancer survivors to take charge of their health.  An expert nutritionist and co-author of the Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors, she brings you cutting-edge survivorship wisdom honed as an acclaimed lecturer for Hawthorn University, the University of Western States and the Cancer Support Community. She is an active blogger for health sites such as and

Meg Jordan, PhD

The Essence of Health Coaching: Nourishing the National Dialogue

Interviewed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg

The vision of a National Certification for health and wellness coaches will officially begin in the next  month representing a consensus drawn by leaders through the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).  Dr. Meg Jordan, author of How to Be a Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach has been instrumental in leading this dialogue, building consensus and demonstrating integrative leadership.  Join Meg as she shares the latest news about the process as well as her vision of the opportunities that lie ahead for health and wellness coaches.

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, is Department Chair of Integrative Health Studies and Somatic Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where her focus is preparing graduate students as catalysts for positive change in health care, wellness and health promotion. As a medical anthropologist, holistic RN specializing in integrative health and behavioral medicine, and journalist, Meg has traveled the world and realized that good medicine is the one that works for you, no matter if it’s alternative, complementary or conventional. With over 25 years experience in the health field, she is committed to finding the safest, most reliable and scientifically valid approaches.

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Join us and bathe in the light of the growing constellation of health and wellness practitioners engaging in the Future of Health Coaching.

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