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Journey to Coaching: Tanya Renner

Outdoor Enthusiast   |   Wellness Educator   |   Former Environmental Chemist


How did you decide to become a health coach?  

As a homeopath and educator I spend a good deal of time talking with clients about their lifestyle and how different choices might better support their goals. Over time, it became clear that something important was missing from my practice.  I wondered if developing my skills to help clients gain new awareness and establish robust lifestyle habits would be an answer? Many healing modalities recognize the importance of healthy lifestyles, but few practitioners are skilled at blending the tools of their craft with effective coaching for self-growth, self-empowerment, and lasting change.

How has working with your story changed your practice?  

In Narrative Health Coaching, we work with learning cycles, which has been transformative. I grew up with a habit of setting big, complicated goals resulting in discouragement, exhaustion, and a tendency to get overwhelmed and paralyzed. There were no endings, only a struggle to reach a goal that wasn’t in clear sight.  Now I see the benefit in using learning cycles for integration and reflection.  Cycles are created, updated, and evolve.       

How does Narrative Coaching add value you to your current practice?  

My goal is always to help clients self-grow, self-heal, and self-empower.  The Narrative Coaching process develops the self-awareness and skills needed to cultivate healing while working within a range of healing modalities. I use Narrative Health Coaching to elevate my practice to a new level.

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