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Narrative Health Coach: Lauren Hubele

Author   |   Educator   |   Nature Seeker

My day to day work is divided between writing for my blog and books on this topic, meeting with clients, and teaching practitioners my holistic approach.


How did you decide to become a health coach?  

I enrolled in the narrative health coaching program at Teleosis to gain a new framework for interacting with clients and practitioners. With a busy practice already I was searching for deeper ways to connect with my clients, support their personal growth and empower them to take ownership of their health. I was actively looking to shift the model of clients coming to me for answer to one in which I helped them uncover the answers they already possessed.

How has learning to work with story changed your practice?  

The Teleosis approach to setting objectives and learning cycles so speaks my language. I am a linear and experiential learner and could see right away the intended benefits. Clients often lose their way in the healing process, unsure if a protocol or practice is leading to improvement. Working with story and finding a path we can chart together is a great benefit to me and my clients.  

How does it add value you to your current practice?  

My training led me to a new found joy in the art of leading others to discover their own answers as opposed to offering them my own. The ripple effects of the past year of training have only just begun. While I set out to learn skills that would be useful in my work with clients and practitioners, the self discovery was a surprise bonus that continues. There is still considerable integration on my part but the growth that has taken place thus far enriches my daily work.

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