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Homeopath: Jiuan Heng

Why did you decide to become a health coach?
I’ve noticed that with some of my clients, an obstacle to cure is the story they’ve been telling themselves. Even as we achieve significant results in healing with homeopathy, the client may not be able to release the narrative that binds them, and prevents them attaining the most profound healing possible. Health coaching is forward looking – it invites clients to step into to a bigger vision of themselves and gives them tools to get there. Narrative health coaching in particular shines a light on the narratives that imprison us.

How has working with story changed your practice?
It is still evolving. I learnt that a client’s story takes time to emerge, and there is always more to a person than what they can reveal at first or second encounter. Healing is a process, and I have become more supportive of the process, and less demanding of myself to get it right all at once.

How does it add value to your practice?
It gave me another set of tools to help a client to become more aware of their own mindset; and for me to be aware of my own. It empowers the client to own their healing process.

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