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Client Turned Coach: Dina Saalisi

Yoga Devotee   |   Flower Goddess   |   Former Entertainment Producer


How did you decide to become a health coach?  

After closing the arts and entertainment production company my husband and I operated for over a dozen years, I found myself between careers. In the process of developing my skills as a flower essence practitioner, I attended a class Joel was teaching. He introduced us to Narrative Health Coaching as a method used to support and enhance any healing arts practice and was looking for a volunteer client for the Online Coaching Clinic. I accepted and through the process of participating in a coaching program, I was able to expand my perspectives to include new ways of approaching healing by shifting the story around illness.  By developing new skills and expanding my own awareness, I experienced  first-hand the profound effectiveness of Narrative Health Coaching and was eager to join the Certificate Program so that I could use these skills to help others create healing narratives.

How has learning to work with story changed your practice?

Clients appreciate knowing that they can develop the ability to work with story in a way that enables change by creating new awarenesses and developing positive habits. I am able to help them gain insights into the “stories” they habitually tell themselves and shift their perspectives to bring about lasting change. Through the coaching process they develop skills that enable them to view their challenges in ways that support growth and healing.

How does Narrative Health Coaching add value to your current practice? 

Flower essence therapy is a wonderful way for clients to identify the challenging emotions they are experiencing and provides a catalyst for change by energetically re-establishing balance.  Adding Narrative Health Coaching enables my clients to go even deeper in their healing process. Once a client can master new skills and create consistency with practices, they are able to shift negative habits and achieve growth in a more profound way than flower essences offer alone.

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