Teleosis Institute Offers Accredited Continuing Education Classes and a Health Coach Certification.

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Integrative Health and Healing Classes

Teleosis is a Greek term for “greater self-realization”. At Teleosis Institute, we utilize a variety of complementary approaches and offer Accredited Continuing Education Classes and one of the top Health Coach Certification Programs for optimizing health, changing lifestyle patterns, and preventing illness.

Integrative Health Continuing Education Classes and Certification

What I find to be new and different about the way the coaching is going is that it’s not solely co-active coaching. Meaning it’s not just a conglomeration of “what” and “how” questions; it’s much broader and offers more of a dynamic session. I love designing a healing topic (the goal) along with program objectives and awareness/foundation practices. I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned those as a student with Joel and it paved for structured coaching sessions, which was so different from the completely co-active style [I] had originally been introduced to. It increases the integrity of the coaching program, in my opinion, even though it’s flexible, adjustable, and fluid.

~ Debbie McGinley

Integrative Health Coaching Clinic

Need a little more direction in your coaching?  Have you observed a master coach working with clients?  

Coaching brings a new dimension into the integrative practitioner’s toolkit. This unique educational offering provides an opportunity to participate in “grand rounds” style learning, sitting in with an integrative physician. Each session is skillfully assessed and debriefed in detail.  Joel Kreisberg, Certified Integral Master Coach™ coaching a client which will be followed by analysis, discussion of the lessons learned and an extended question and answer period.

Dr. Joel Kreisberg is a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor. He is dynamic in presentation,  straightforward and fair with feedback, and has keen and compassionate insight into the  workings of the human spirit. He brings an impressive coaching tool kit which he explains  clearly with down-to-earth wisdom and real-life examples. Joel brings the holistic approach he has developed for his own practice into the classroom — you will come away with fresh skills  that will expand your approach and serve your clients in profound ways.

~ Laura Buss, Graduate Student, Health & Wellness Coaching, Maryland University of Integrative Health

Narrative Health Coach Certification

Become a health coach today!  Discover 2 different options to get your Health Coach certification.  Learn to create client-specific coaching programs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, co-create attainable, focused healing topics to effectively engage positive outcomes, and recognize and work with four fundamental perspectives that address your unique healing process and coaching style.  The Health Coach Certification is an Approved Transition Program per the  International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching standards.

I would recommend this course to any health care provider, wellness coach, or any type of specialized coach because it really helps you see the client in a healing perspective rather than a solution/fix perspective. Its a very valuable course that offers information resources and insight into healing on a deeper level, and I believe that is what every client and coach is looking for.  

~Tammy Dowling,  LPJ Coaching

Free Webinar: Get an Introduction to Our Health Coach Certificate Program

Join us at our Free Informational Webinar!  Narrative Health Coaching relies on the development of a clearly articulated plan that addresses the client’s overall goals. This coaching plan engages the deeper longing for a healthier life; one that is nourishing, sustaining and can be maintained without the ongoing support of a coach.  Because stories matter, relationships engage and learning transforms, a well-designed plan serves as a strong foundation for the whole coaching program.

I just completed Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching. This approach has clearly evolved through the committed work of a wise, caring, gifted community of coaches.  There is a richness and complexity to this approach that is unique to this coaching program. The instructor was highly organized in the way he designed and ran the class. He presented the principles and methodology clearly and dynamically. He was responsive to the students in caring, supportive ways, and had a good sense of humor!  I came away with new perceptions, approaches and tools that will benefit my clients and feel newly inspired as I move forward with my coaching work! 
~ Erika Bunnin, MA

Foundations of Health Coaching

Foundations of Health Coaching offers an integrated approach to clarifying and attaining desired client outcomes.  This top selling class provides you with the skills and mindset necessary for engaging both the coach’s and the client’s full potential for growth and healing, and offers innovative techniques for navigating and supporting clients’ health issues.

I had little knowledge of homeopathy…Joel provided the safe container for me to trust the process, which allowed my personal healing to unfold naturally. He also attracted and fostered a community of other “seekers” which allowed our group interactions to be one of mutual respect, curiosity and shared growth.  I appreciated the experiential nature of the group and I was able to further my self awareness through what transpired in the collective field. I am still in awe around the “ah-ha” moments that happen in my daily life that are connected to the experiences in our journey.

Deanna Jimenez, Meraki Holistic Healing, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Enneagram in Homeopathy: Transforming Personality Types

The Enneagram’s application to homeopathy makes a dramatic difference as it allows healers to identify the client’s needs quickly, enabling clients to do a great deal of growth on their own, and provides specific developmental paths and activities for clients based on Enneagram type. Healing thus goes faster, deeper, and has longer-lasting results. Grounded in Tinus Smits’ method for studying universal healing with homeopathy, this  direct experience of the Enneagram types through homeopathic study offers a powerful tool for growth and healing for integrative healers, homeopaths and psychotherapists.
The Inspiring Homeopathy Series taught by Dr. Joel Kreisberg is a powerful way to get to know remedies up close and personal. The experiential nature of the class supported a deep understanding of the remedies and I found myself using the remedies in my practice immediately. The co-creative experience of the class builds a sense of community and connection- a truly unique and satisfying learning experience.
~ Shayna Orfus, ND

Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy

Next generation homeopaths offer deep lasting knowledge of subtle changes when connecting with clients. Recognizing how much the homeopath influences interaction with the client, and the action of the remedy, brings renewed responsibility to the homeopathic process. Preparing the client for the effects of the remedy is key to more lasting, dynamic healing. This involves a commitment to developing subtler states of consciousness in the homeopath.

Integrative health is an ancient system of health care. By taking the whole person into consideration, it uses conventional, alternative and complementary medical approaches to understand and prevent illness that enhances health.   Integrative health views each person as a whole system, which includes all aspects, such as physical, psychological, mental, social, spiritual, energetic and environmental factors.

Integrative health offers lifestyle changes, noninvasive remedies and mental healing to improve the body’s own ability to heal itself.  Holistic healing approaches empower individuals to become aware of factors that increase or decrease stress, have a deeper understanding of symptoms, and learning and practicing skills that focuses on long-term results by treating the cause and not the symptom.

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