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Tuition Assistance

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Dr. Joel Kreisberg, Executive Director, Professor

Partial scholarships for those who qualify…

As a not-for-profit, our commitment to a better future includes assuring that we can reach a broad audience throughout diverse communities.  The board at Teleosis Institute is committed to access to our program beyond simply those who can afford the program.  Our classes and programs continue to impact new communities that reflect and better represent the populations we want to serve. For the January 2019 Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching, there are scholarships available for 5 individuals to join the program.  Individual awards are for $1500 if applicant is accepted to the program.  The award will be applied to the tuition upon date enrollment

In order to apply for tuition assistance the follow process is requires.

  • Complete an application for enrollment in the Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching
  • Submit the $500 application fee (to be applied or refunded depending on enrollment status of applicant)
  • Complete the application for Financial Assistance

Applicants will be notified within one week of completion of these three steps.


In 1997 I was called to deeper soul work and applied for spot on a Vision Quest offered by Animas Valley Institute. The cost, which included guide fees, room and board for the pre- and post-quest time at a retreat center, and equipment necessary for eight days in the Utah canyon lands, was beyond my ability to pay. I applied for financial aid – a process that was both at the edge of my comfort (requesting help) and, to Bill Plotkin’s credit, quite thoughtful and compassionate. Essentially, he asked “Why is this work important to you at this point in your life, and what is it that leads you to request financial aid?” I received the aid I requested, completed the quest (and in later years four other programs with them), and the benefits I received continue to bear fruit today.

– Reggie Marra, MA, PCC, Creative Director and Core Faculty at Teleosis Institute


“Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.”

– Parker J. Palmer, The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life


Meet a few of our scholars whom your contributions support.


Njoroge Tho-Biaz

”Helping people has been my passion in life. It is a natural process to seek certification for what I have been doing already. I chose Narrative Health Coaching Certification from Teleosis due to the wisdom of the teachers and style of teaching. Story gathering has been a significant part of my healing practice. I continue to value engaging the story, and the program validates my use of story for healing. Within Teleosis, it has been a wonderful journey, learning how to present myself as a coach. The experienced instructors and fellow health coaches influence my coaching practice tremendously. Being able to apply my learning right away in my daily practice is a huge benefit. I enjoy my experience of online learning which requires efficiency and accountability in communication through technology. I am very satisfied with my development. I feel more prepared to launch my business in health coaching. I plan to replicate my learning experience creating workshops online with people all over the world”.

Njoroge Tho-Biaz is the CEO of Choice-Oasis Retreats, a consciousness research, coaching wellness, and publishing organization. In 2014, he was recognized as one of the “Santa Fe Living Treasures” for serving the community as a teacher, and as an 11-year stroke survivor.


Jiuan Heng


“I want to learn how to frame healing within a growth mindset, so that the client can also see it as a process with infinite potential,” offers Jiaun Heng. “Becoming healthy is a process that requires feedback from the outside. The little things that you do for yourself make a big difference. Having a coach provides that feedback in a profound way. “I think healing is a process of getting whole, it’s coming into more of ourselves. When we look at it as something that is wrong with somebody, we take something away from this holistic journey. I want to be able to approach a client with the vision of the very best self they can be, offering the hope of becoming more of who we are.”


Zelda Johnson

“As a formally trained classical homeopath, I have often thought there was something missing in the intake process; I understood all the variables necessary for a good prognostic evaluation, but didn’t know if my intake format was beneficial to the client’s growth. I could send the client off with an appropriate remedy, but wondered if I’d established tools for the client to work within the remedy’s effect for emotional or mental growth. Teleosis’s Narrative Health Coach training provides the missing skills that complement my homeopathic training. Assisting a client by adopting a salutogenic mindset for wellness, and looking through one or more of the four perspectives for problem solving, has made a tremendous difference in how I conduct my intakes. Most importantly, there is more development and consensus in the clients’ participation in their healing. I see weight lifted from them in the first visit: a smile and light in their face when they realize the gravity of a situation can be managed. Whether it happens quickly or within a few visits, each client has grown with the methods I have learned from the Teleosis classes I have taken.”

Zelda Johnson worked for many years in information technology with investment banking firms in New York and the United Nations, which she considered her life’s accomplishment until she found complementary alternative medicine. She currently works as a technical communications specialist for the leading health care consulting firm for state fiscal implementations. She has an MSPH in Community Medicine and has studied classical homeopathy. Zelda is completing graduate work in cardiology and natural medicine, and enjoys traveling, reading, and foreign language movies.


Graciela Signes

“I came into the Narrative Healing class not as a professional, but as someone who wanted to heal. Since 1998 I have tried diverse therapies for bipolar. In the first session I questioned if I belonged, if I was ‘good enough’ or had anything in common with the healthcare practitioners in the class. I gradually saw that I did belong, as we are all human and we all need to heal from something at some point in our lives.

“The written forums helped me focus my mind and writing towards healing. Sharing with and getting feedback from classmates was grounding and felt safe. Writing as a medium for healing was exactly what I needed. After all, therapy for mental illness is mostly an inside job and what better way to talk or work with yourself than through writing? The benefits of reading certain assigned material, sorting through past events and the experience of my brain with bipolar via this particular class has been more useful to my understanding and managing my behavior and experience with bipolar compared to the standard practices I have tried within the psychiatric norms of treatment.

“I know that other willing persons diagnosed with a mental illness who want to help themselves to the raw material in their minds in a safe and supportive forum would benefit, on a therapeutic level, from this course. I hope parents and loved ones encourage others like me to enroll in this course. This class allowed me to open some doors that were off limits in my mind. There’s more breathing room between me and my thoughts now. There’s more peace. I’m not cured, yet healing has occurred within my mind.”


Jon Levin

“While healing is not the professional path I took, I still identify first and foremost as a healer. Teleosis’s Narrative Health Coaching program takes a truly developmental approach to healing that keeps the coach and client focused on a specific healing topic and requires us as coaches to engage our own development while learning to coach others. My learning even helps me in current work as I approach colleagues with a professional coaching, mentoring perspective.

“The classes require us to reflect on ourselves and respond to each other, and the teachers model this. I found the Narrative Healing class especially poignant in that Reggie Marra lives and breathes what he teaches – he personifies his love for writing and narrative – he’s living his purpose. In the Online Coaching Clinic Joel Kreisberg models not just coaching skill but vulnerability as he invites feedback from the students who observe his live coaching sessions.

“I get out what I put into this program, and I’m experiencing the beauty of receiving when I give.”

Jon Levin is a husband and father who currently works as a program manager at Pacific Gas and Electric managing two programs in the Supply Chain realm Contractor Safety and Vendor Risk. He is looking to change career paths moving forward. Jon had an interest in Holistic Health back in the early 80’s, didn’t pursue it, and is making his way in that direction now.

At Teleosis Institute we believe the best way to transform the field of health coaching is to educate the most gifted professionals and place them in settings where they can teach others.  Our commitment is to reach into communities that may not have access to innovative education. That is why we offer scholarships–to be able to train a diverse range of individuals with the skills needed for success.

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