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Curriculum Plan

Certificate Program for Narrative Health Coaching Curriculum

The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching is a steady engagement for six month including live and online coursework, observation and mentorship. The program seamlessly brings the student from initial coaching dyads with fellow students, to initiating coaching sessions with practice clients, observing a master coach, lessons in lifestyle medicine, all the way through to completion with assessment qualified faculty several times.

The emphasis of the program is on mastering health coaching skills through the identification and practice of core competencies such as establishing trust and intimacy, coaching presence, asking powerful questions, active listening, and managing progress and accountability.  These practice skills are framed within the unique perspective of Narrative Health Coaching, which emphasizes the use of story to directly engage the client in fostering new healing skills.

Partial Scholarships Available

As a not-for-profit, our commitment to a better future includes assuring that we can reach a broad audience throughout diverse communities.  The board at Teleosis Institute is committed to access to our program beyond simply those who can afford the program.  Our classes and programs continue to impact new communities that reflect and better represent the populations we want to serve. For the January 2019 Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching, there are scholarships available for 5 individuals to join the program.  Individual awards are for $1500 if applicant is accepted to the program.  The award will be applied to the tuition upon date enrollment

In order to apply for tuition assistance the follow process is requires.

  • Complete an application for enrollment in the Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching
  • Submit the $500 application fee (to be applied or refunded depending on enrollment status of applicant)
  • Complete the application for Financial Assistance

* For those who qualify

Online Learning

  • The Certificate Program is 100% online with live classes meeting weekly in real time (see schedule below).
  • These classes use Zoom video technology.
  • During the class you learn from the teacher, lecture slides and fellow classmates in breakout groups.
  • You can log in from anywhere in the world (at the right time).
  • Recordings of classes are posted in our Online Learning Platform. (We use Moodle for this).
  • The Online Learning Platform hosts required readings, videos, homework assignments, and the weekly Learning Forums that we use for ongoing written discussion throughout the week.
  • The Online Learning Platform is available 24/7.

Core Coaching Curriculum

Structured as ten complementary sessions with a video class and a live two session to engage student learning the practical skills as well as the key topic in coaching including coaching process, coaching structure and ethics.  The four principles of Narrative Health Coaching (NHC) form the basic template for the core curriculum of the Certificate Program.   Students learn to create a personalized plan for each client, including a healing topic and learning objectives. This client-specific coaching plan or healing plan, serves as the set template for the transformative learning for the entire coaching program.  In fact, learning serves as the healing agent in NHC, unlike some health and wellness coaching methods which often only offer co-active behavioral feedback. Powerful new healing resources can be identified and mastered through NHC, allowing for ongoing healing.

The core curriculum covers the three key areas set by the ICHWC including co-creating the relationship, communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results. Through the unique lenses of story, learning and developmental growth, the Certificate Program is designed as a developmental journey that takes you to the next healing destination. One that you can utilize with others just as you engage in the healing work yourself.   Coursework offers student coaches the opportunity to experience and internalize Narrative Health Coaching principles, enhancing your commitment to life-long learning.

Lifestyle Medicine for Health Coaches

21st-century health coaches will increasingly be asked to work with lifestyle challenges with their clients.  Topics in the Lifestyle Medicine for Health Coaches curriculum include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress reduction, substance abuse and common chronic conditions – hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.  With the help of several leading integrative physician educators, our Lifestyle Medicine curriculum consists of 15 hours of pre-recorded webinars such that students complete this material at their own tempo.

Health Coaching Clinic

Observing a master coach’s skillfully unpacking the coaching process in detail, provides a unique learning environment for integrating NHC principles and coaching core competencies.  Dr. Kreisberg leads the clinic coaching a client “grand rounds” style. Discussion, analysis, Q&A provide ample learning opportuntities for students.  Dr. Kriesberg’s coaching notes, healing plans and regular assignments for the client are presented, providing an opportunity to literally sit in on the full process of coaching.


Beginning in week seven of the Certificate Program, the mentorship offers students direct supervision of casework by certified mentors.  Mentor groups meet every three weeks for six sessions, completing just before the case write-ups are due and the oral final exam.  During this period, the mentor groups provide vital support for students working with their two volunteer clients.  Live feedback is provided several times for each student as they present their coaching in different settings during the mentorship.  Students submit a recording of a completed session for assessment by the mentor during this section of the program.

Full Course Schedule: January 2019 - July 2019 | Get Program Guide

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Week Date Module
     1 January 22, 2019 Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 1: Communications, Health Coaching and Relationship-Centered Care
     2 January 29            Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 2: Understanding Story in the Healing Process
     3 February 5            Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 3: The Coaching Process and the Healing Topic
     4 February 12            Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 4: Healing Resource Assessment
     5 February 19          Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 5:

  • Developing Learning Objectives and the Healing Plan
  • Lifestyle Medicine for Health Coaches begins
     6 February 26           Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 1: Introduction to the Health Coaching Clinic
     7 March 5                  Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 1: Introduction to the Mentorship
     8 March 12              Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 2: The Offer Session 
     9 March 19              Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 6: Practice Design:  Growth Practices: Learning Beyond the Coaching Encounter
    10 March 26               Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 2: The Coaching Plan and Coaching Program
    11 April 2                  Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 3: Coaching Structure: Cycles Learning 
    12 April 9                 Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 7: Practice Design: Building Strong Practices with Awareness
    13 April 16                  Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 3: Awareness and Action: the Power of Integrating
Developmental and Behavioral Approaches
    14 April 23                Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 4: Working with Resistance 
    15 April 30              Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 8: Delving into Motivational Theory
    16 May 7                   Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 4: Introduction to Business Development/The Coaching Relationship
    17 May 14                   Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 5: Health Coaching Research: Literature Review of Coaching Profession 
    18 May 21                 Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 9: Coaching Process: Resistance, Health Information, and Positive Psychology
    19  May 28               Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 5: Coaching Process: Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Direct Communication
    20  June 4                  Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 6: Ethics and Professional Conduct: Understanding Legal Obligations 
    21 June 11                Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Class 10:  Completion, Ongoing Learning, Coaching Beyond the Program, Certification
    22 June 18             Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Mentor Session 6: Completion: Formally Completing  the Coaching Program and Relationship
    23 June 25            Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Coaching Clinic 7: Coaching Program Completion
    24 July 2             Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm PT Final Exam

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Sessions meet online in real-time using the Zoom video technology.

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