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Approved for Continuing Education

We are the only Health Coach Institute where all of our classes are LIVE online class sessions to give you that personal one-on-one touch. We utilize  Zoom Video Technology . Register for our accredited continuing education classes and learn how to become a health coach or enhance your integrative health skills.

We offer Acupuncture Continuing Education, Chiropractic Continuing Education, and Physical Therapy Continuing Education, as well as continuing education for Health Professionals that you can take from anywhere in the world.  The Zoom video service is free and all sessions will be recorded for participants throughout the program.   Earn CCE continuing education credits while learning new skills in Narrative Health Coaching.

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Health Coaching Certification (Ongoing)

Certificate Program Starts Q1 2022

Tuition Assistance

As a not-for-profit, our commitment to a better future includes assuring that we can reach a broad audience throughout diverse communities.  The board at Teleosis Institute consistently promotes fundraising that provides financial assistance to applicants. Our programs continue to impact new communities that reflect and better represent the populations we want to serve. Financial Assistance is available for anyone interested in acupuncture continuing education, chiropractic continuing education, physical therapy continuing education, or anyone interested in learning how to become a health coach. 

Skilled Mentors

Get a first-hand learning experience from master health coaches, and gain skills at creating practice designs that challenge clients to make lasting change.

Expert Teachers

Work with master coaches, doctors, and authors to promote deep lasting change in individuals, organizations, and the communities in which our educators serve.

Innovative Thinking

Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching the innovative style of Narrative Health Coaching.  The Certificate Program gives you a niche to transform the lives of others.

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