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Preface to Coaching And Healing

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September 26, 2016

By Joel Kreisberg, DC, ACC and Reggie Marra, MA, ACC

johnOur colleague John Stoddart wrote the words “Coaching and Healing” atop one of a dozen or so blank posters hanging from a conference room wall back in April 2012. Nine of us chose to join him to explore this topic – not knowing where we might go together.

In what ways can we be of greater service in the relief of suffering? What initiatives might we enact to bring our ideas and our gifts into the world with more power and grace? How can we move from a personal to a global perspective? Integral Coaching® founders, Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt, planted the seeds for this book when they posed these questions at our 2012 Mastery Workshop in Ottawa, Canada.

Inspired by this call to action, a group of coaches formed with a collective desire to explore the role that coaching can play in healing. We wondered how we could deepen, strengthen and hone what seemed a natural connection between coaching and healing in our own lives and in our coaching practices. We were also curious about a bigger picture. What could we offer our fellow coaches around the world? And how could we contribute to the broader conversation about health coaching as it emerges, a vital new modality within the healing arts and sciences?

Coaching and Healing is the product of our remarkable collaboration – ten coaches from across North America, meeting monthly, online, over four years. At the outset, we realized how much we enjoyed simply coming together with our shared purpose, many of us with profound experiences with health challenges, many with equally profound experiences with healing, and as healers. Supported by our varied backgrounds in business and organizational leadership, project management, education, writing, medicine, and law, we forged a dynamic, heartfelt and resilient alliance.

words floatingWe opened our meetings with poetry. Reggie Marra, with life-affirming authority, selected and read each poem, then guided us through a few minutes of free writing and free sharing. Surprised and delighted by our discoveries, we would sink together into the world of the poem, our vulnerabilities stirred and our attentions sharpened. Poetry helped us shift our highly personal experiences into the universal, and that connectedness informed each step of our work. First proposing that we write a paper for our coaching colleagues, Joel Kreisberg defined and focused our energies and our goals. From that initial paper, through presentations, and finally this book, Joel provided the compass points and driving force to move our project ever onward.

We hope Coaching and Healing will reach and serve coaches of all stripes, along with their clients. We wish to give physicians, health care practitioners and their patients, an intimate understanding of the power of coaching to support treatment and help chart a healing path though illness. And for everyone in the fields of health and wellness, in care homes and hospices, even teachers and students of life-writing, we offer this book as a testament to the spark of transformation residing within each of us.

In addition to those mentioned above we acknowledge Leslie Williams whose exquisite photograph graces the cover. Also, our editor, Tim Owens. It is unusual for a book to have ten authors. Our voices have joined together, as those in a choir, and as such we offer our deepest gratitude to one another. May we all be well.

John Stoddart

Ottawa, Canada, Spring 2016


Learn more at: http://coachingandhealingbook.com/

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