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Health Coach Certification Program  Starts March 6, 2018

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Certificate Program In Narrative Health Coaching

Get Your Health Coach Certification in Just 7 Months!

The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching is a 75-hour live online program designed to train health professionals to utilize the skills of Narrative Health Coaching.  By addressing factors that support growth and resilience and growing your own healing capacity you become better able to support healing in others, offering new effective ways to navigate health issues. The Health and Wellness Coach Certification program teaches the core competencies of health coaching skills using the unique perspective of Narrative Health Coaching, emphasizing the use of story to directly engage clients transformative healing. The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching is a comprehensive program that allows coaches to support the fullest and most sustainable healing.

The Principles of Narrative Healing

Stories Matter: Understand your unique story and learn to live a new one.

Learning Transforms: Cycles of learning offer a powerful prescription for growth.

Growth Heals: Strengthen healing capacity creating healing resources we can rely upon.

Relationships Engage: Our Narrative Health Coaching community is for lifelong learners.

What Will I Learn in the Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching Program in Narrative Health Coaching?



Create client-specific coaching programs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

Co-create attainable, focused healing topics to effectively engage positive outcomes


Co-create learning objectives that foster ongoing skill development

Craft practices that increase the capacity for successful program outcomes and career


Engage your own narrative to address patterns of illness and healing

Recognize and work with four fundamental perspectives that address your unique healing process and coaching style



Develop and grow both personally and professionally

Interact in real time with online instructors and small groups of peers


Receive support from our growing community of Narrative Health Coaching practitioners

Access our expanding online library for updates on Narrative Health Coaching


Attend from anywhere with our easy to use online format

Graduates are eligible to sit for the ICHWC’s board certification exam

Dr. Joel Kreisberg is a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor. He is dynamic in presentation,  straight-forward and fair with feedback, and has keen and compassionate insight into the  workings of the human spirit. He brings an impressive coaching tool kit which he explains  clearly with down-to-earth wisdom and real-life examples. Joel brings the holistic approach he has developed for his own practice into the classroom — you will come away with fresh skills  that will expand your approach and serve your clients in profound ways.

~ Laura Buss, Graduate Student, Health & Wellness Coaching,Maryland University of Integrative Health

Who is This Program For?

Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Busy health professionals who have completed a professional degree in health, medicine or psychotherapy.
  • Allied health professionals and students seeking to add innovative wellness coach certification skills to their current integrative health care practice.
  • Common degrees that participate in this course include: MD, DC, RN, FNP, LAc, PhD, MPH, LMT, ACC, ND, NC, MA, MA, BA, BS.

The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching is an Approved Transition Program per the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching standards. Completion of the Health Coaching Certification (Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching) meets the educational requirements for to sit for the Health and Wellness Coach (HWC) Certification Exam.

I would recommend this course to any health care provider, wellness coach, or any type of specialized coach because it really helps you see the client in a healing perspective rather than a solution/fix perspective. Its a very valuable course that offers information resources and insight into healing on a deeper level, and I believe that is what every client and coach is looking for.  

~Tammy Dowling,  LPJ Coaching

Course Details

Course Dates:  March 6, 2018 to September 25, 2018

Tuition:  $3,995

Class Size: Limited to 25

Location: Live class sessions utilize Zoom video technology.   Participate in this Health and Wellness Coach Certification program from anywhere in the world. The Zoom video service is free and all sessions will be recorded for participants throughout the program.

Curriculum Plan: 

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Full Tuition: 

  • Initial Payment: $2095 (includes $100 processing fee)
  • Four Payments of $500: Due the 1st of March, May, July & September 2018


Custom Payment Plans Available:
Please Contact: dina@teleosis.org
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Program Faculty









Dr. Joel Kreisberg DC, PCC

“For me, Narrative Health Coaching is a healing technique.  When I add it to my work as an integrative physician, my clients more fully engage their healing.  The results are fantastic. We both benefit from shifting to a narrative process.”

Reggie Marra MA, PCC

“As an educator, poet and coach for over 40 years, I embrace the power of, and our need for, healing stories and ongoing learning. Narrative Health Coaching invites coach and client into the space in which story, learning and healing meet.”

Dr. Ruth Marlin MD

Dr. Marlin worked as the Director of Medical Education at the with Dr. Dean Ornish’s Preventive Medicine Research Institute and served as the Associate Director of the Northern California Melanoma Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.

Coaching-and-Healing_cover_600ppi - Version 2

Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative

Co-Authors: Joel Kreisberg, Reggie Marra, Lois MacNaughton and Colleagues

Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative is an inspirational guide for every coach and health care practitioner. Weaving together the authors’ own healing narratives, diverse case studies and skillful step-by-step methodology, this book reveals the powerful benefits of shifting one’s story from the conventional medical model of disease and cure, to the powerful honesty of narrative healing.

Our Competitive Advantage

Features/Benefits of the Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching Program Teleosis Competitors
Classes delivered online – Live in real-time with skilled faculty, via video  
Focuses and works with client’s story at a deeper level to get to the root cause    
Client specific and customized coaching plans    
Development approach to change with a more holistic point of view    
Supervision doesn’t cost extra – It is included in program & tuition    
Online coaching clinic and Health Coaching Certification training offered by the Health Coach faculty    
Customized coaching plans for each student    
Ongoing postgraduate community support    

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