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Announcing Our Partnership with Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition!

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Beginning in 2018, Bauman College will be including a Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching module as part of their  Nutrition Consultant Training Program curriculum. While their curriculum is robust with well-researched nutrition information, they recognize a need to empower students to effectively engage with clients and encourage them to make sustainable changes, to ensure their professional success as they enter the workforce.

The Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching module has been incorporated into the first half of the curriculum, Foundations of Nutrition. Students will complete the health coaching module early in the program so they can start applying these skills throughout their training.

Bauman College researched many health coaching programs and felt that the Teleosis Institute Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching course best aligns with their holistic, individual-centered philosophy of healing.

Nutrition Consultant students will begin to build the following skills in the Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching course:

  • Enhance their healing capacity through self-awareness
  • Establish and nurture trust and intimacy through presence and active listening
  • Meet clients where they are on their journey to health
  • Recognize areas of resistance and develop strategies to overcome these challenges
  • Develop and carry out a coaching plan tailored to the client’s specific needs


What Bauman College is Saying About Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching:

“In my previous work, I’ve felt as if I hit a wall of resistance with some clients, despite feeling like I held the nutritional keys to their health. Teleosis’ Narrative Health Coaching empowered me with tools that I could immediately implement with clients. I learned new things about myself and found that I was better able to reflect on my interactions with clients. By incorporating this training into our curriculum, Bauman College aims to provide these tools to our students to broaden their perspectives and help their future clients affect deep, sustainable changes in their lives. Narrative Health Coaching is a perfect complement to Bauman College’s nutrition education; with it, our students will have the confidence and know-how to be successful in their consulting careers.” ~  Rosie Ueng,  Director of Academics

“I highly recommend Narrative Health Coaching as a solid model for coaching through behavior change. Joel and Reggie are knowledgeable, compassionate instructors who create a learning environment that fosters skill development and personal growth. You will gain insight into a coaching model that is designed to truly partner with your clients to help them succeed in their desire to make personal changes.” ~  Julie Thenell,  Nutrition Consultant Instructor

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