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13,919 pounds were collected and disposed in 2013, an average of 449 pounds per site.

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The Alameda County Safe Medication Disposal Initiative Assessment Key Findings:  recycling

  • In 2009 just 473 pounds were reported from one site. By 2013, the most recent year accounted for, 13,919 pounds were collected and disposed, with an average of 449 pounds per site.
  • The largest collection sites are the Alameda County Sheriff’s Station (1100 pounds), Eden Medical Center (1036 pounds), Washington Hospital (960 pounds) and Ted’s Pharmacy (936 pounds).
  • In 2013, the extrapolated costs of disposal are $27,838, with an average costs per pound of $2.00, down from $2.51 per pound in 2009.

Teleosis Institute offers the following recommendations:

  • working-together
  • Establishing one centralized agency to oversee a countywide programwould minimize operational overlap and thus improve collection efficiency.
  • With roughly 51% of the county citizens within close proximity to a take-back site, new sites are necessary for residents that lack easy access to take-back sites.
  • Establishing new sites in larger medical institutions, such as hospitals, would likely provide the most efficient and effective results.
  • Educating pharmacists would likely improve collection rates in pharmacies and educating health executives, health professionals in primary care and end-of-life caregivers will likely improve program outcomes.
  • Centralizing management would simplify the waste collection system and drive cost of disposal down.

Read The Full Report (high resolution)                                                                                                    Read The Full Report (low resolution)


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