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How to Effectively Create a Personalized Coaching Plan

Narrative Health Coaching relies on the development of a clearly articulated plan that addresses the client’s overall goals. This coaching plan engages the deeper longing for a healthier life; one that is nourishing, sustaining and can be maintained without the ongoing support of a coach.  Because stories matter, relationships engage and learning transforms, a well-designed plan frames the whole coaching program, including a healing topic and learning goals.

The four steps for creating an effective personalized coaching plan are to:

  • Shift the conversation from illness to healing
  • Develop a healing topic
  • Assess capacity using the eight domains of the healing resource assessment
  • Design learning objectives that are just right


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How to Effectively Create a Personalized Coaching Plan

DATE:   November 20, 2017

TIME:   4 – 5 pm PST

Description:   As a coach, what comes to mind when you think of planning and goal setting?  The International Coach Federation defines planning and goal setting as “Consolidates collected information and establishes a coaching plan and development goals with the client that address concerns and major areas for learning and development.” Do you develop a unique coaching plan for every client?   Does this plan serve as a powerful tool for achieving and sustaining desired results?

This one-hour webinar introduces the four steps for developing a client-specific coaching plan, which is designed for each individual client, and which effectively supports the ongoing coaching process by framing skills that the client can develop to achieve the desired results and create lasting change.  Join professional coaches  Joel Kreisberg and Reggie Marra  as they work directly with you to uncover these powerful tools.   This webinar class will give you a sneak peek into how completing our program will change your life and help change the lives of others!

Please note: This course is for those who have NOT yet enrolled in a Teleosis course or certification program.

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